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West Papua Assessment Institute for Agricultural Technology (AIAT) was established in 2007 based on the Minister of Agriculture Decree No. 48/Permentan/OT.140/6/2007. West Papua AIAT was formed in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of local-specific agricultural technology assessment and development in West Papua Province.

West Papua AIAT is a technical implementer unit in agricultural research and assessment under the management of the Director of Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development (IAARD). West Papua AIAT is also responsible to the director of IAARD and in performing its daily services, West Papua AIAT coordinated by the Director of the Indonesian Center for Agricultural Technology Assessment and Development (ICATAD).

Organization Structure

West Papua AIAT is led by a head of the Institute and consists of Administrative Sub Division, Cooperation and Assessment Service Section, and Functional Officers Group.


Performing assessment, assembly and development of effective, local-specific agricultural technologies.


  1. Identifying and creating the data base of the needs of effective local-specific agricultural technology.
  2. Conducting research, assessment and assembly of effective local-specific agricultural technology.
  3. Technology development and dissemination of assessment outputs as well as formulation of extension materials.
  4. Providing cooperation, information, documentation, dissemination and optimal utilization of assessment, assembly and development of effective local-specific agricultural technology outputs.
  5. Providing technical assistance in assessment, assembly and development of effective local-specific agricultural technology.

Vision Mision

Based on IAARD’s vision and missions in agricultural development, science-technology development goals, and the dynamics of both domestic and global strategic environments, as well as the needs of the society, West Papua AIAT established the following vision and missions:


By 2014, to be a regional assessment institute that generates and provides effective local-specific agricultural technology in order to meet the needs and improve the welfare of farmer society in West Papua province region.


  1. To realize the attempts in regionalization and decentralization of assessment activity and agricultural development based on regional agricultural resources diversity.
  2. To encourage the acceleration of rural agricultural development in regions with agribusiness orientation through the provision in engineering local-specific agricultural technology.
  3. To strengthen the integration of assessment/ research, agricultural extension and farmers in the process of planning, creating, preparing and implementing technology for regional agricultural development acceleration which is also accompanied by delivering feedbacks for improvements in national research programs.

West Papua AIAT has 29 staffs which consist of 19 official civil servants and 10 non-permanent employees. Among those 29 staffs, 2 are located in Sorong the estate research field; 1 staff is assigned to support the Agricultural Agency Service of Fak-fak regency; 3 staffs are currently continuing their education in Bandung, Bogor and the US. The remaining 23 staffs are located in the central office and Manokwari the estate research field.

Staffs by Classification

  1. Functional Researchers: 7 staffs, with expertise in Agronomy 2 staffs, Livestock (2 staffs), Soil Science 2 staffs, and Socio-Economic 1 staff.
  2. Researcher candidates: 4 staff, with expertise in Agronomy 1 staff, Plant Breeding 1 staff, Post-Harvest technology 1 staff and Plant Disease 1 staff
  3. Technicians: 11 staffs
  4. Administrator: 7 staffs





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